“A complex, flavourful and fascinating ale lies just on the edge of being totally out of control.” — Stephan Beaumont, Celebrator Beer News

India Pale Ale dates back to the 1700s when the British needed a way to ship beer across the seas to troops in India. The answer, copious amounts of hops and a higher alcohol content to prevent spoilage and maintain the flavour of their ales. In this tradition Storm Brewing packs the Hurricane IPA with enough hops to circumvent the no longer British dominated globe twelve times over. Starting with premium Canadian two row barley, pure clean West Coast water and finished with mounds of Magnum, Lublin and Junga hops. The result is a rich, golden, intense beer with bitterness in perfect balance with residual sweetness. 7% ABV



During the Middle Ages millions died of what became known as the Black Plague. Yet mysteriously brewers and beer drinkers seemed largely immune. We've since solved the mystery, the Plague spread rapidly due to unsanitary conditions such as stagnant water, thus making beer one of the only safe things to drink. In honour of those pioneering plague fighters we brew our mighty Black Plague Stout. A behemoth of near Imperial proportions, this dry Irish style stout is sure to convert even the most devoted drinkers of Ireland's most famous export. We start with Canadian two row barley, followed by loads of roast barley and oats, a light addition of Pacific Northwest Columbus hops and finish it off with some fresh liquorice root and decadent dark cocoa for a little chocolaty mouth feel. Brewed in small batches (even by our micro brewing standards), the result is a smooth, rich, roasty and always fresh stout sure to cure what ale's ya. This once seasonal favourite is available year round for you thirsty hoards looking to fend off the plague of boring beer. 8.5%ABV



"It feels full and silky smooth in the mouth, while the subtle hopping leaves a tingle on the tongue and light dryness." - 5/5 rating from Jan Zeschky, The Province Brewed Awakening

Scottish Ale NOT Scotch Ale. While hugely popular in Scotland, this style of beer escapes most North Americans. The Highland Scottish Ale is a creamy, nutty, malty, Loch Ness Monster of an amber ale; chocked full of rich roast barley, hearty peated malt, and fortifying flaked barley. While the subtlety of Willamette hops keep this beer keenly aware that it's made in the grey mists of Vancouver, this delightfully smooth ale is perfect for fending off the damp chills of the moors of Scotland. 5% ABV



A true North German style pilsner. This is not the stuff with the bunny on the can, the Precipitation Pilsner has something it doesn't…flavour. Light in colour and crisp and clean in body with just a pinch of North American Nugget and German Saaz hops. A tasty and refreshing lager, perfect for your backyard BBQ, playoff party or house rockin' rager. 5% ABV



The next generation of Storm Brewing's award winning Belgian style sours. This crimson hued monster is aged at least a year in the same oak barrels that produced James` insane 12 year aged Lambic. And like the Lambic this beer is not for the faint of heart. Notes of oak, barnyard and goat complement its high ABV and puckering yet malty sourness. 11% ABV



Gold Medal, Best Sour Beer, North West Brewing News 2010

Gold Medal, Best Fruit/Flavoured, BC Beer Awards 2010

This authentic Belgian style ale is intensely sour, dry and complex. Brewed in 1997 and aged 12 years in oak casks, this is what James has become famous for. After the initial brew, roughly 15kg of black currants were added to each cask, open fermentation allowed naturally occurring wild yeasts to produce a secondary fermentation which is what gives Lambic its unique sour character. This beer is not for the faint of heart and should be treated like a fine port or an aperitif, sipped and enjoyed with an open mind and refined pallet. 6% ABV

Storm Brewing is a local craft brewery, unfashionably situated on gritty East Vancouver's Commercial Drive.

Storm Brewing is available at many fine restaurants and pubs around Vancouver or call the Brewery to arrange for a keg for your next private event.

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